Templeton Hills Adventist® School


Support Us

Ways You Can Support Us


There are many ways that you can contribute to our school through out the school year.

Whether that be volunteer work, donating classroom materials, etc. There are also many

worthy projects for our school that can use your financial support. Here are just a few ways you

can help.

Student Sponsorship

Our School is committed to providing quality, Christian education to students from every walk

of life. We believe that God wants His children in His school where they can grow in a safe

environment. We don’t want finances to be a barrier to students who want to attend. When

the need for financial aid is greater than what we can offer, the Worthy Student Fund provides

the extra resources to fill the gap so families can afford the monthly tuition payments. We are

always looking for sponsors so if you are interested in contributing to our school this way we

would love to talk to you. Please call us for more information. (805) 434-1638