Templeton Hills Adventist® School

"And they shall be taught of God"

Our Teachers


Our Teachers

Carmen Collins - Principal, Teacher

She has a passion for teaching and learning, especially how people acquire a second language. It has inspired her to complete a MA degree in Spanish linguistics at Western Michigan University and an MA degree in English TESOL at Andrews University. Before her graduate studies, she completed a BA in Elementary Education and Administration at the Adventist University of Chile and a BA in Spanish with a minor in Bilingual Education and Geography at Andrews University. Mrs. Collins enjoys students of all ages. She has 18 years of teaching experience at all levels K-12 and College. In her spare time, she likes to hike, walk and enjoy nature. She loves to read the Bible and books about nature and health. One of her favorite activities is to work in community projects and meet new people. 

Alyssa Brantley - Teacher
Learning and inspiring a love of learning is what brings the sparkle into Alyssa’s eyes and why she decided to become an Educator. The experiences that have equipped her to teach include being the eldest of seven children, teaching piano, peer tutoring, teaching and counselling at summer camps, leading Vacation Bible School, five years as boarding school dorm leadership, three years teaching high school mathematics and agriculture, and one year teaching in a multi-grade classroom. She has a BA in Mathematics and is currently working towards her MA in Teaching at Pacific Union College. When not planning lessons and dreaming of chalkboard drawings, she enjoys rock climbing, hiking, gardening, and making music. 


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