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THAS is proud to provide high-quality education, curriculum, and opportunities for our students and faculty. To meet our financial needs, we rely on the generosity of a wide range of supporters—parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty and staff, friends, churches, and more. THAS invites you to invest in our community with a tax-deductible gift and participate in one of the following ways:

  • General Fund / Unrestricted Gifts – gifts that support annual operating expenses or other needs, as determined by the school board

  • Tuition Assistance – gifts that support one or more students 

  • Endowment – gifts that generate income, in perpetuity, and provide long-term stability

  • Special Events – activities and events held as fundraisers throughout the year

  • Restricted Gifts – gifts directed to specific projects or classes

  • Planned Gifts – gifts through wills and estate plans

  • Classroom materials 

The amount an individual or family gives is a personal decision, but each gift makes a difference.


Other Ways to Give 

Volunteering your time at our school 

Participating in planned school functions

Participating in one of our fundraising activities 


Ways to Give 






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